St Peter & St James

St Peter & St James Hospice

Wooton & Bean have recently become a corporate sponsor of our well known, greatly appreciated, local charity St Peter & St James Hospice. 

We are now happy to announce that we will be donating 25% of any commission we receive to St Peter & St James Hospice when assisting you with your mortgage or finances. 

All you need to do is mention 'St Peter & St James' when contacting us. 


Terms and Conditions apply

Wooton & Bean will ensure that all correct donations will be made to St Peter & St James Hospice. 

The definition of finance is any form of borrowing. 

Wooton & Bean will not charge any broker fees as part of this promotion.  

Donations that apply to this offer can only be made if commission is paid to Wooton & Bean, Wooton & Bean will then donate 25% of the amount of commission once received directly to St Peter & St James Hospice. 

This offer applies to new clients coming to us directly, it does not apply to clients that have been referred to us by our third party introducers.  

We have the right to remove this offer at any time.