Please confirm you have read and accept the below statement relating to how Fees work at Wooton & Bean

Please see below how we calculate the fee applicable to your application.

Residential mortgages – purchase and remortgage

  • £0 if the mortgage is more than £175,000
  • £250 if the mortgage is between £100,000 and £175,000
  • £500 if the mortgage is less than £100,000

An additional charge of £250 will apply for all shared ownership applications.

Buy to Let

  • £250 per property

Other fees

  • £350 if we have to change lender due to a change in circumstances, rate change, change of property
  • £350 if you do not proceed to completion once the application has been submitted.
  • £400 for all applications where the applicant has impaired/adverse credit


Example 1

A mortgage of £250,000 which proceeds to completion = No fee

Example 2

A mortgage of £150,000 which proceeds to completion = £250

Example 3

We apply for a mortgage of £225,000, we then submit a further application 3 weeks later as you
change property and better terms are available with a different lender. The second mortgage
completes = £350

Example 4

A mortgage of £90,000 which proceeds to completion, you have impaired credit = £900 

All fees will be payable within 30 days of invoice

We reserve the right to waive fees or charge additional fees for more complex cases. Any fees payable will be advised after your initial consultation.

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